77 minutes | Feb 3rd 2021

S4E6 Dr. Bill Bares | Music Is Life

 About This Episode You might think that being such an accomplished musician, that my guest, jazz professor Dr. Bill Bares, played from a very young age. Bill’s story, however, has taken some unexpected twists and turns. Just like jazz, Bill’s journey can be characterized by improvisation, a strong distinctive tone & performance techniques, and syncopated rhythmic patterns.  We hear about his music through story and the story of his music in our talk with Bill, and hear about some of the jazz greats who influenced him to write and perform along the way.   It is not clear whether Bill is a musician that happens to be an academic or an academic who happens to be a musician - and therein lies the beauty of Bill’s character and personality. As one of my closest friends, listening to Bill play on the piano has always been music to my ears and now with live jazz piano mini-performances in this episode, you can enjoy it as well.  Connect with Bill: https://www.facebook.com/baresmusic/ University of North Carolina Ashville Connect with nine dots: E-mail Geoffrey nine dots Media Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Facebook   
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