34 minutes | Jan 27th 2021

S4E5 Ruth Goodman | Keep Calm and Sew On

 About This Episode: Born and raised in Manchester England, after the second World War, Ruth was inspired by her parents to appreciate the simple and happy childhood she was given.  By carrying on the legacy of her family values, she has been a life-long role model for creativity, volunteer and charity work to anyone who meets her. In the post war years, color, dressmaking and fashion inspired Ruth to learn to sew, and this was the beginning of a lifetime of enjoying and honing her creativity which has grown into a variety of talents and skills that she shares with others in both her work and personal life.  She was upcycling and redesigning before it was a ‘thing’ and is known in her family as an ambassador for the make-do and mend attitude in her daughters and their families. We hear how Ruth learned the value and entertainment of storytelling from her parents at a young age and how together through the tireless and rewarding voluntary work she has done over the years, she has had the opportunity to continue to hone her skills. Kind, leader, altruistic, creative, legacy- these are just some of the values we can associate with Geoffrey’s mother-in-law. Mentions: League of Jewish Women  Connect with nine dots: E-mail Geoffrey nine dots Media Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Facebook        
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