31 minutes | Jan 13th 2021

S4E3: Emmy Miller | Lasting Impact

About This Episode: In this week’s podcast, we talk with executive coach, leader and business owner Emmy Miller. Growing up as an immigrant child, Emmy had a somewhat un-American childhood. As a young child, she was exposed to the arts and European literature, but rebelled as a teenager and went on to study math and business. Choosing independence and leveraging her upbringing, Emmy carved out a career in helping others that has expanded over four decades.   Her success comes from a passion in helping others to be successful. Encouraging the use of storytelling in business Emmy creates an environment for her clients to explore their vulnerability on a journey to being the best version of themselves and achieving their goals. Emmy recognizes the importance of the role that culture and cultural intelligence play in today's  global business world and she seeks to make a difference in the lives of her clients and family. Geoffrey has had the benefit of her professional and personal influence and is proud to call her his mother. Mentions: The Effective Executive- by Peter Drucker The Third Opinion- by Saj-nicole Joni Connect with Emmy: LinkedIn Liberty Business Strategies Connect with nine dots: E-mail Geoffrey nine dots Media Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
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