51 minutes | Sep 1st 2020

S3E9: Kaila Mullady | One-woman champion band

In this episode we talk with the multi-instrumentalist, one woman band, artist, educator and World Beatbox Champion Kaila Mullady.  From street performing and making friends in NYC, Kaila has risen to championship status with her beatrhyme and rapping to be a role model for young creatives across the country. Kaila’s travels have taken her all over the country to perform, teach and speak to promote expression and leadership through her music.  An integral part of her work as an artist is education and language development, which have led to working with speech therapists to designing and creating tools used to help build confidence and language skills in people of all ages. Kaila continues to promote the message that fInding the power of your voice helps people stand up for what they believe in to create better leadership skills.  She is passionate about the work she does in helping people build confidence using their voice, improving listening and speaking up.  Enjoy Kaila’s story... CONNECT WITH KAILA Kaila Mullady E-mail Kaila Instagram Kailia on You Tube The Academy of Noise- Beatbox Education CONNECT WITH GEOFFREY KLEIN E-mail Geoffrey nine dots Media Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
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