58 minutes | Aug 18, 2020

Ep. 116: Salvaging the Industry with Ryan Priestly of Priestly Demolition Inc.

While Priestly Demolition is in the business of tearing things down, the crew’s first job onsite is hunting for treasure. Salvage and sustainability has always been a cornerstone of the business for Vic Priestly, the company’s founder.  Today, the King City, Ontario-based company has grown into one of the largest demolition contractors in Canada, under the leadership of Vic’s son Ryan Priestly. The company has a staff of about 300 people and a fleet that includes around 100 excavators.  Notably, the company is the focus of the History Channel Canada’s original-series Salvage Kings, and they’re bring the spectator sport of demolition to the masses on national television.    Ryan joins host Missy Scherber to discuss: Advancing the science of safe demolition Showcasing careers in construction to the next generation Creating a culture of safety and incentivizing it  Learning from the generation that came before you Using technology for fleet management and operational efficiencies Leading with happiness and confidence
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