52 minutes | May 29, 2020

Ep. 114: Building Strong Relationships with Matt Stanley of American Pavement Specialists

Growing up, Matt Stanley and his three brothers were "raised on blacktop", working alongside their parents from the time they could hold a shovel at their Danbury, Connecticut-based paving business, American Pavement Specialists. Since then, the small company has grown into a big name in the paving world, starting their own clothing brand and sponsoring NASCAR driver Spencer Boyd.  Matt runs everything from field operations to marketing, and he shares how building strong relationships with your family, crew and OEMs helps maximize your quality of work and success.  Matt joins host Missy Scherber to discuss: - Making working with your family cool again - Training employees from the ground up  - Instilling pride and values in your crew - Improving relationships with OEMs and dealers through top-notch marketing - Tips for honing your brand identity on social media
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