69 minutes | Apr 23, 2020

Episode 3 - Covid 19 and Condominiums, another Q&A

Our firm conducted an earlier Q&A session on Covid-19 and Condominiums on March 27, 2020. Again, all of our lawyers spoke and Nancy kept us all in check. A broad outline of the episode is as follows: Introductory remarks by Jim, overall theme and issues to consider during this time - 3:01Financial issues: what should the Board do with requests for condo/parking fee deferments? - Cheryll at 13:53Status Certificates: Should there be a "blanket" statement included on them? - Cheryll at 17:57Deliveries: What should the condominium do about deliveries? - Victoria at 22:05Quarantine and Self Isolation: Can a condominium police mandated self-isolation? - Christy at 25:32Volunteers: What should condominiums do with volunteer initiatives during this time? - David at 36:15 Reporting and Communicating: Should a board notify residents if there is a positive case in the building? - Emily at 43:41Maintenance and Repair: Should annual fire inspections be conducted during this time? - Melinda at 47:42Guests: should they be allowed in condo buildings? - Mo at 55:55Q&A specific questionsWhat should the protocol be should there be a fire emergency required during the Covid-19 situation? - 1:00:39Would real estate agents be considered an essential service? - 1:02:38What about move-ins and move-outs? - 1:03:35Is perimeter fencing considered essential work? - 1:05:43All content is for information purposes only and is not legal advice or opinion.
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