65 minutes | Apr 19, 2020

Episode 2 - Q&A session on COVID-19 issues at Condominiums

In this episode, we talk about COVID-19 issues at Condominiums. Hear from all of our lawyers on a wide variety of questions. Nancy keeps us all in check as the chairperson. For specific sections, please see below:Maintenance and Landscaping - Melinda at 5:58,Contracts and payments - Jessica at 16:09,Renovations, common elements - Emily at 22:07, Renovations, units - Victoria at 27:32,Limits on disclosure of medical information - David at 32:37,Electronic meetings - Jim at 37:46,Closure/removal of amenities - Mo at 47:00,Status Certificates - Cheryll at 51:43,Enforcement issues - Christy at 56:20All content is for information purposes only and is not legal advice or opinion. 
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