34 minutes | Sep 29, 2017

01 - Condominium Mediation and Disputes with Marc Bhalla

Podcast of Video Version: http://condowebshow.com/1 On today's episode, we will be talking about condominium mediation, who's a mediator, what a mediator does, and how to hire the right one so you can resolve your problems peacefully and respectfully, so stay tuned. Today, we're be speaking with Marc Bhalla, who's a mediator who focuses his practice on condominium conflict management. He holds the Charter Mediator designation of the ADR Institute of Canada, which is the most senior designation available to practicing mediators in Canada. He also is on a Condo Mediator's Team and manages the Marc on Mediation website. He relates to his clients as he himself is a condominium resident, owner, and director, and understands how condominiums work, in servicing the industry for 15 years including as a law clerk. He volunteers his time to support at Toronto and ADR Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute, where he currently serves as a second Vice President. He's the editor of the award-winning "Condo Voice Quarterly" magazine and led the development of the Condo Strength Program. Download your bonuses at: http://condowebshow.com/1  
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