48 minutes | Sep 23, 2021

12 | Graham Rhodes, Investing, Emotional Resiliency and Gaming in Asia

My guest today is Graham Rhodes (@longriver_hk). Graham is Head of Research at Capital For Business Ltd., a Hong Kong-based family office.  He writes through his blog Longriver and is also an organiser of ValueAsia, a non-profit community for students of value investing.   In this conversation, we cover Graham’s background growing up between Hong Kong and New Zealand; his journey as an investor; building a more resilient investment practice; the reasons not to invest in China; why he thinks Asian gaming companies are best positioned for the future; and his experiences working at a family office.     I had a blast with this one so please enjoy my conversation with Graham Rhodes.   For the full show notes, transcript, and links to mentioned content, check out the episode page on  https://compoundingpodcast.com/ep12    ------   Show Notes: [00:00:37] - [First question] - Background [00:03:26] - Was investing always Graham’s passion? [00:04:43] - A lowest low in Graham’s investing journey? [00:06:56] - Idea generation? [00:09:45] - How does a community help in investing [00:12:36] - Reasons not to invest in China [00:17:36] - What does ambitious management look like [00:19:27] - Gaming in Asia [00:23:04] - Are the business models of gaming changing? [00:27:20] - Regulation of gaming companies [00:29:10] - Macro thoughts going forward [00:31:54] - Longriver and working at a multi-family office [00:33:44] - What’s a typical day look like? [00:35:20] - Any misconceptions or misunderstandings about family offices? [00:39:44] - Undervalued life experience? [00:42:21] - What’s been influential in shaping Graham’s worldview? [00:44:25] - If Graham was 18 again? [00:46:07] - Plans for the future and wrapping up   ------   Connect with Graham: Follow Graham on Twitter: https://twitter.com/longriver_hk  Graham’s Blog:  https://www.longriverinv.com/  Graham’s Email: grahamfrhodes [@] longriverinv.com Longriver Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/1Wa7miCoi4awXKKK4YARe3?si=4Flp92mBQ2O8-p2w3I5DMQ&dl_branch=1 Connect with Graham on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamfrhodes/    ------   Mentioned/Recommended Content:   Graham’s translation of Li Lu’s 2015 speech, “The Prospects for Value Investing in China”: https://www.longriverinv.com/blog/li-lus-2015-speech-at-peking-u   Graham’s translation of Li Lu’s 2019 speech, “The Practice of Value Investing”: https://www.longriverinv.com/blog/the-practice-of-value-investing-by-li-lu   Graham’s reflections on the 2020 market crash: https://www.longriverinv.com/blog/wider-definition-of-mos   Why there is no solution to our age of crisis without China: https://www.newstatesman.com/world/asia/2021/07/why-there-no-solution-our-age-crisis-without-china   ------   Stay up to date on the podcast by signing up to Curated by Kalani, where I share what I’ve been reading, learning, and watching for that week. I compress to impress and aim for maximal return on your time invested. Sign up at https://kalanis.substack.com    ------   Connect with Kalani: Sign up for Curated by Kalani: https://KalaniS.substack.com/  Visit the Compounding Curiosity PODCAST: https://CompoundingPodcast.com/  Follow Kalani Scarrott on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ScarrottKalani/
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