18 minutes | May 1, 2017

Ep. 1 - Home Is Where The Wife Is

The year is 1963 and Divorce is on the rise. Women are entering the workplace but at what cost? Luckily for you, best-smelling author and critically-ashamed self-help guru is here to SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE! You've read her books and now it's time to listen to her audio companion - The Complete Woman!

In Episode 1, Marabel teaches you the importance of organization in the household and how To-Do Lists can save your marriage.

Plus: get to know your kitchen appliances!

With: Amanda Lund, Mark McConville, Matt Gourley, James Bladon, Molly Hawkey, Maria Blasucci

The Complete Woman is written by Amanda Lund. Produced by Mark McConville, Matt Gourley and Amanda Lund.

Special Thanks to Chris Bannon and Jenny Radelet


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