70 minutes | Aug 5th 2019

#22 Pregnant, Unmarried & Hopeless - Kathy Brace, Pt 1

Kathy Brace grew up in a dysfunctional home with an abusive father and detached mother. She began searching for love in all the wrong places and became pregnant by age 15, eventually giving her baby up for adoption.  Kathy spent much of her life looking for true love, chasing after her dream of a picture perfect family. Yet over and over again, she only found bitterness and rejection accompanied by a string of failed relationships and unwanted pregnancies.  Kathy's life continued spiraling out-of-control and appeared to be completely hopeless... until Christ appeared and offered her True Hope. This is Part 1 of Kathy’s story.   ++++++++++++ Compelled is a weekly podcast with unique stories from the Kingdom of God, told by the people Compelled to live for Him. Support the podcast: https://compelledpodcast.com/become-a-member/ Follow us on social media: https://facebook.com/CompelledPodcast/ https://instagram.com/CompelledPodcast/ https://twitter.com/CompelledShow/
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