39 minutes | Feb 3, 2021

Becoming spiritually free with AD Thomason

AD Thomason joined the Compass Podcast to share his experience encountering freedom through the Spirit. AD is an adjunct professor at Kilns College where he teaches on the History of Human rights and justice, De-colonizing your faith, filmmaking and more. He has spoken in over 15 countries. Native of Detroit, Michigan, AD made it through adverse circumstances, be it violence, broken homes, racial discrimination and more. With over seventeen years of experience as it pertains to lecturing and human rights advocacy in ethnically divided countries, cultures, sub-cultures and relationships, he gives you a glimpse of God’s heart with the hope of healing and peace. AD wrote Permission to be Black: My Journey with Jay-Z and Jesus. Find out more at IAmRedRev.com. Find out more about the Compass Podcast at umc.org/compass
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