61 minutes | Dec 6, 2019

Dave Morton, Submariner

My first interviewee is a Dave Morton. Dave is a guy who at 19 years of age, joined the Navy and became a submariner. We talked about what life was like on a nuclear submarine, which includes a thorough discussion of: The difference between European and American dirty magazines What he calls a horizontal masturbation chamber The worst job on a sub What it sounds like when a sub sinks What it means to be a part of the brotherhood of submariners We’ll find out where Dave’s opinion gets him in trouble We also talked about more serious subjects like why 17 young men were left to die on the Russian sub, the Kursk, and what it was like to lose a friend in an underwater tragedy. We talk about his humble beginnings and the love of his life, and finish with what Dave calls the “Forrest Gump” journey that led to his professional success. Dave and I also have a personal connection that you’ll discover on this episode of Common Luminaries. 
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