74 minutes | Jan 2, 2020

Creg Richards, Medical Marvel

This podcast is about a man named Creg Richards. My husband and I met him while cruising about on our motorcycle, an 800 pound marvel of engineering called a Honda Gold Wing. In our travels, we came across an RV store which is now called Campers Inn in North Jacksonville, Florida, and were assigned a random sales rep who thoroughly covered the bases on RVs. Then the heat drove us out of the lot and into the office. And for some reason, we just kept talking.  We found out that Creg was born in Michigan to a single mother who put him up for adoption. As a newborn, he was chosen by a local family, however, it was about six months before they were able to take him home. What happened in the interim was a secret to Creg and his adopted family until decades later. Suddenly, a man who was defined by his athleticism, found out that he should have never been able to physically do what he’s done. And now, his everyday operating capacity is caught up in the ongoing debate regarding prescription opioid medication.  We had the good fortune of hearing Creg's story or, I should say, stories. Find out why Creg is a medical miracle on this episode of COMMON LUMINARIES.
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