42 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

018: Creative Gratitude

Gratitude seems to be overlooked by a lot of people. We may have heard about it being this really great thing that can help improve our lives and bring us more happiness but our brains want to hear something new and exciting.

In this episode, I am going to be sharing something a little different and that’s the importance of creative gratitude. I believe if we can get a little more creative in our gratitude practices, it can be something that we start and stick with in our daily lives.

Take a listen to hear about all the benefits of having gratitude and my 5 creative ideas for cultivating your very own creative gratitude practice. 


What you’ll find in this episode:

  • A story from our creative community
  • Why you want to be creative with your gratitude
  • The 5 benefits of having gratitude
  • 5 creative ideas for making a creative gratitude practice


Links:A study from UC Berkeley on gratitude Creative Lettering Journal


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