20 minutes | Nov 11th 2020

39 - When should you conduct viewings on your commercial development?

It is amazing what you can learn from conducting viewings early on with a new development.

Jerry argues that you should not wait for the perfect moment to start doing viewings of your latest development. Don’t hide behind the management of the fit out, test the market as soon as you can. Some of the benefits discussed:

  1. Early viewings are vital for finding out what is in demand.
  2. It gives you the ability to develop bespoke space for early adopters.
  3. You get buy in from prospective clients
  4. It can lead to early referrals
  5. Some businesses actually like the pioneering stage  
  6. It can really help with cashflow
  7. You can try out your pricing strategy

Setting customer expectations from the very first moment of contact is critical. If you do so, many will respond favourably and you will gain lots of valuable insight into how your offering is shaping up.

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