70 minutes | Feb 2, 2018

COMIC BROS Podcast Episode 025

In COMIC BROS Podcast Episode 025, Jin starts out with a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of a ketogenic diet, finding purpose, beginning Queen of Assholes, and the unspoken fear of success. Root is on top of the world with a glass of wine and a new job that has him energized both creatively and personally. Mark was recently promoted to Art Director and has new enamel pins, but is struggling to balance family life and his artistic ambitions. This episode's main subject is a conversation about #Comicgate, social justice issues in comics, and the current state of corporate comics as primarily IP farms while they face declining floppy sales and aging customers. Jin plans to join the ranks of the 90s male autobiographers and "Smash the patriarchy by proving that women can be just as loathesome as men."
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