105 minutes | Sep 2nd 2020

CBCC Road Trip 3 - Dawn & Norrin & Groot

The Silver Surfer rides...with us as we travel across seven states on our return from Grandpa Joe's funeral. To stave off boredom, we're trapping you in the back seat of our car as we put our Norrin Radd & Dawn Greenwood through the Enneagram Personality Test to determine their types, and use "Groot" issue 3 as our narrative guide.

This is a wild episode, folks. Hosts Brad and Lisa are in full goofster mode. Prepare yourself.

"Groot" number 3 is written by Jeff Loveness, illustrated by Brian Kesinger, colored by Vero Gandini, and lettered by Jeff Eckleberry. Most importantly, it's one of two comics to feature Dawn Greenwood outside the Dan Slott & Michael Allred storyline. As such, it's essential reading for fans.

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