81 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

CBCC 57: Miyamoto & Tomoe - Senso

The unrequited romance between Miyamoto Usagi & Tomoe Ame cannot last. Our conversation centered around Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo must end. There is no better place to conclude this epic discussion than the incredible sci-fi War of the Worlds mash-up, "Senso." Jumping fifteen to twenty years into the future, we witness the final moments between our heroes. Will the unsaid things finally be said? If so, is it too late for Usagi & Tomoe? "Senso" is the ultimate "What-If" adventure for fans of this series, allowing Stan Sakai to tie a bow on his story in a way that the main title will no doubt never let him do. It's also time to say goodbye to our latest love guru, Lori Tsugawa Whaley, and her book, "Let the Samurai Be Your Guide: The Seven Bushido Pathways to Personal Success." Would she consider the choices made by Miyamoto & Tomoe honorable? Do we consider them honorable? Comics covered this week: "Usagi Yojimbo: Senso" issues 1 - 6, written, illustrated, & lettered by Stan Sakai. Be sure to follow the podcast on Instagram and Twitter @CBCCPodcast, and you can follow hosts Brad Gullickson @MouthDork & Lisa Gullickson @sidewalksiren. SUPPORT THE PODCAT BY JOINING OUR PATREON COMMUNITY. Podcast logo by Aaron Prescott @acoolhandfluke, podcast banner & the Epic 50th Poster art by @Karen_XmenFan.
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