105 minutes | Sep 21st 2020

CBCC 52: Dawn & Norrin - Last Days/Citizen of Earth

The Silver Surfer & Dawn Greenwood have run out of space...and time. Thanks to the cruel machinations of Doctor Doom, all of reality is crumbling and it's up to this month's couple to remake the universe. Are they up to the task? Are we?

In this week's episode, we cover a lot of ground, crawling out of Galactus' planetary scraps, and entering the mind-bending trip of Dan Slott & Michael Allred's award-winning Möbius strip Silver Surfer issue. Oh! And we get the first kiss!

We're rooting for Dawn & Norrin Radd, but they have many lessons to learn about each other before they can romantically link. Thankfully, we're using Stephanie Barron Hall's "The Enneagram In Love" as our discussion & dissection tool.

Issues covered this week: "Silver Surfer" Volume 7, numbers 11 - 15, and "Silver Surfer" Volume 8, issues 1 - 6, written by Dan Slott, illustrated by Michael Allred, colored by Laura Allred, and lettered by Joe Sabino.

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