26 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

María José López: Listening to indigenous women can save our souls.

María José López says that she is "very clearly white," but she chooses not to live "the canonically white lifestyle" in her home town of Mexico City. Instead, she explores her indigenous roots with the women of the Zapatista movement, building networks of communication and resistance.María proposes that the wisdom of indigenous women can lead us to a worthy life, even in the face of worldwide collapse:“They not only know practically how to do it; they have a cosmogony, a spiritual view, a literary view, poetic view of what is happening that also soothes the soul and the body."It helps when you view Earth as a living being, and what is happening to it right now as an ‘agony.’ They know how to take care of the Earth. There are a lot of people that do have ideas, that do have ways of at least making the years we have, however little or however many they may be...they can make this place livable, and somewhere to be celebrated, and somewhere you can cherish the fact that you are alive and that you are human.“They know that, and we don’t know that, because we’ve pushed them out of our lives. They want to share. They don’t only want to live for themselves. They want to share what they know, because they know we need it.”María is the social media editor at Piedepagina.mx. ("Footnote" — English language page: https://piedepagina.mx/category/otras-lenguas/). She's an independent teacher, and an activist for women's liberation and resisting collapse.Please visit our website at https://cometogether.me, and please subscribe.
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