59 minutes | Dec 22, 2020

CLP12 - Rotating Curriculum: Make Teaching Martial Arts Easier Without Sacrificing Quality w/ Mike Massie

In this episode, Mike Massie combines his knowledge of curriculum design and business development to show why you should implement a rotating curriculum and how to do it. Properly applied, a rotating curriculum makes your life as an instructor easier while driving greater business value to your students. Mike is well known for the business resources he has produced. Stay tuned til the end to find out how you can get a discount on them. So if you're excited to dive in, hit the subscribe button on your podcatcher now. --- Join the Combat Learning Newsletter now: combatlearning.com/transfer --- Mike Massie on how to get his resources at a discount: "The eBook Version of Small Dojo Big Profits - Get any package for 50% off using discount code LOCKDOWN2020 at checkout: https://small-dojo-big-profits.com/ Every Book and Title I Sell On Amazon - They've all been marked down, most by 50%. Find them all here: https://geni.us/massie My Private Coaching Group and Website - Get all the ads, marketing materials, dozens of hours of video courses, hundreds of articles, and the private online coaching group for 50% off. Use discount code LOCKDOWN2020 at checkout to get 50% off: https://martialartsbusinessu.com/register/premium-coaching/ All My Other Products and Courses - Again, get any package for 50% off using discount code LOCKDOWN2020 at checkout: https://martialartssalesbook.com/ https://martialartsmarketingbook.com/ http://startingasummerdaycamp.com/ http://afterschoolkarateprogram.com/ " --- Produced by Micah Peacock Outro Music: Synergy by Juche
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