34 minutes | Aug 8, 2020

[Bonus #2] Training Philosophies for Longevity vs Competition

In bonus episode 2 of season 1, Jestin Icasiano from CLP04 returns to talk with me about different philosophies that can help or hinder your training longevity. Anyone who has trained for a few years knows that combat sports really wear on your body, and oftentimes you end up injuring your body in ways that never heal as a result. The good news is that there is an approach to training that lets you enjoy martial arts into old age without destroying your body. (NOTE: this was originally recorded for a private group several years ago so some names are mentioned that won't make sense and the audio quality will be different than usual.) --- Join the Combat Learning Newsletter now: combatlearning.com/newsletter --- Thank you so much for listening!   If you have any feedback, you can email me at josh@combatlearning.com or send me a message on facebook.com/combatlearning.    Now real quick before I go -- can I ask you a huge favor? If you got value from this episode, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or your favorite podcasting platform. So many shows pop up and fizzle out, and we're talking about stuff that almost nobody is talking about, so leaving us a review helps us a ton! Thanks in advance, and I'll see you on the next episode! --- Produced by Micah Peacock
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