56 minutes | Feb 28, 2021

Colorado Avalanche Hockey Rinkcast S1 Ep10 - The Connecticut Whale's Juliana Nikac

The Connecticut Whale's social media manager Juliana Nikac joins staff writer Owyn Cooper to talk about her love of hockey, having a career in sports, and much more. What is your background in hockey and how did you end up in the industry? (2:00) What was it like going to school at two prestigious college hockey programs? (7:05) What did you know about the NWHL and what about it drew your interest in working for them? (9:40) Describe the voice the Connecticut Whale on social media and how you found your brand. (12:00) What was the most difficult part of running social for a sports team during COVID? (15:57) What the impact been like when the NHL puts a spotlight on the NWHL? (22:23) Thoughts on a NWHL team in Colorado? (25:45) If you had advice for aspiring young women in the sports industry, what would you tell them? (28:04) What’s your take on fans with multiple team allegiances? (31:12) What are your thoughts on the NHL's division alignment? (36:48) Who is your Stanley Cup pick? (43:15)
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