30 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

Why Even Liberal Arts Majors Need Tech Skills with Alex Valaitis

Have you ever thought to yourself…

I’m not a computer person? I’m not into technology? I’m not a coder?…I’m into writing, art, psychology, history….

For some reason we tend to get academically labeled. We’re a liberal arts person, or a math person, or a science person.

The reality is to be successful in today’s ever evolving economy we all need foundational skills in writing, critical thinking, problem solving, math, and technology.

We can no longer specialize in just one. Writers need a working knowledge of online platforms and mathematicians need to write.

In this episode, author Alex Valaitis shares why it's important to build tech skills regardless of major and how to get started growing your tech savviness.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What does it means to be tech savvy

  • Why it’s important to build your tech skills

  • What steps you take to build your technology skills during college

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