64 minutes | Feb 21, 2020

Liz Dozier - Moving from Charity to Justice in Collective Impact

In this episode, we’re sharing a keynote talk titled, “Moving from Charity to Justice in Collective Impact” by Liz Dozier, founder and CEO of Chicago Beyond, an impact investor that backs the fight for youth equity. Chicago Beyond exists so that all youth, especially the most vulnerable, will have the opportunity to achieve their fullest human potential.

This talk was held on May 16, 2019 at the 2019 Collective Impact Convening in Chicago. 

Footnotes and Resources:

Chicago Beyond

Why am I always being researched?

More on Collective Impact approach to collaborate for social change:

Infographic: What is Collective Impact? 

Resource List: Getting Started in Collective Impact

The Intro music, entitled “Running,” was composed by Rafael Krux, and can be found here and is licensed under CC: By 4.0.

The outro music, entitled “Deliberate Thought,” was composed by Kevin Macleod. Licensed under CC: By.

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