30 minutes | Feb 24, 2020

Key Factors to Support a Succesful Collaborative

This episode continues the theme of “Getting Started” in collective impact by focusing on some underlying factors including building relationships and shifting mindsets that can support the long-term success of a collaborative effort.

Episode Contents

1:44: Before diving into these key factors for success, how did we come up with these factors in the first place?

3:44: Four mental model shifts that can be helpful to support a collaborative’s work and long-term sustainability.

17:00: Other “intangible” factors that can support a collaborative’s success, including building a culture of learning, including learning from failure, and supporting a broader understanding of leadership.

22:00: Pitfalls to avoid that can challenge a collaborative’s growth and ability to reach their goal.

Footnotes and Resources:

Resource: Guide to Evaluating Collective Impact

Tools: Facilitating Intentional Group Learning: A Practical Guide to 21 Learning Activities

Webinar: How to Integrate Continuous Learning into Collective Impact

Webinar: Aligning Partners in Collective Impact

Blog: The Three Elements of Continuous Learning: Priorities, Plans, and Culture

The Culture of Collective Impact podcast and blog.

More on Collective Impact approach to collaborate for social change:

Infographic: What is Collective Impact?

Resource List: Getting Started in Collective Impact

The Intro music, entitled “Running,” was composed by Rafael Krux, and can be found here and is licensed under CC: By 4.0.

The outro music, entitled “Deliberate Thought,” was composed by Kevin Macleod. Licensed under CC: By.

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