24 minutes | Oct 24th 2020

Bitcoin in Retirement Accounts with Adam Pokornicky and Adam Blumberg

In this episode of the “On Purpose” Podcast, join Host Tyrone Ross and guests Adam Pokornicky of DAiM Bitcoin Wealth Management and Adam Blumberg, Co-founder of Interaxis as they discuss and dissect the unique advantages and challenges for advisors and their clients looking to include bitcoin in their investment strategies. 

A word from Tyrone:

“…In this episode I’ll be talking with “The Adams” who are part of the FA council along with myself at CoinDesk and we will be discussing Bitcoin in retirement accounts, IRAs, the whole thing. Everything about it that financial advisors don’t understand and need to know if this is truly going to be a viable asset that’s going to be a part of client portfolios

 I think you’ll find the conversation engaging and fruitful. Listen, share, like, subscribe if you find it valuable. I will see you all on the next one, until then… live ‘On Purpose!’ 

I appreciate you.” - Tyrone Ross

Want to learn more?

The goal of Bitcoin for Advisers is to equip investment advisors with tools to better understand bitcoin, talk to their clients about bitcoin and to work bitcoin into their business. We’re working closely with professional advisers to build out a program that is timely, valuable and actionable for the financial advisor community, and presented in a manner that is targeted and relevant to their interests.

Through a series of keynotes, panels and interactive roundtable sessions, we will discuss investment theses for bitcoin, why younger demographics are turning to this asset and how it fits into the current global macroeconomic picture. We will also walk through the practicalities: how to answer client questions about bitcoin, how to talk to your compliance department about bitcoin and how bitcoin can help grow your book. Advisers will walk away from this virtual event with a grasp of how bitcoin fits into the world and their business.

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