62 minutes | Jun 7, 2018

Cognitive Music Breaks Episode 07 - Windom R

The mix series for Cognitive Music artists and friends. Download here or visit http://cognitivemusic.com to listen, download and view artist info. BIO: Dmitry Yudin aka WINDOM R is a top quality producer from Russian Federation. His first release saw the face of light back in March of 2015 and it was a totally phat and wicked remix for LLUPA's “BREACH” single on RUNE RECORDINGS. The remix was followed by the rather excellent and unique sounds of “SHAOLIN JAM” EP at the end of the same month for RUNE RECORDINGS again and since then WINDOM R managed to build a really strong profile in the Breaks and Drum n' Bass scenes with some quality releases for RUSTOUT RECORDS, RUNE RECORDINGS, DUBS RECORDS, EGO SHOT RECORDINGS, DEAD FAMOUS RECORDS, XCLUBSIVE RECORDINGS, V.I.M.BREAKS, DEEP GARNET RECORDS, KIOSEK. Dima did not limit himself, and constantly experimenting with different styles of mixing their elements in the Breaks music. He is the author of the podcast BrokenWave, which sanctifies the deep, dark and atmospheric side of Breaks music. Most recently, Dima and his friends open free music label Calligraphy Recordings where release a variety of electronic music with a broken beat. TRACKLIST – Cognitive Music Breaks Episode 07 - Windom R 01.Precision Cuts - Badass 5000 02.Mesmer - Corky Screw + IMNAH - Totem (Acapella) 03.Mechanical Pressure - Escaping 04.Windom R - Night Warriors 05.Benz & MD - Dilation (Phrakture Remix) 06.Windom R + Affire - Deep Breath 07.IMNAH - Ingeniym 08.Abdomen Burst - Stella (Original Mix) 09.Perypheria - A New Chapter 10.BORKA FM - Kaputt 11.Crakman - Mental Asylum https://soundcloud.com/windom-r https://soundcloud.com/calligraphyrecordings
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