29 minutes | May 17, 2021

Build the Least to Learn the Most with Julianne Wu

Tune in to listen to Julianne Wu, Sr. Director of Product Management at DocuSign, share the stories behind some of her best product wisdom & career tips for new and aspiring/pivoting product managers.Julianne's product wisdom & career tips discussed in this episodeCommunicate what you want in your career, don't assume people around you just knowPriorities change and you should not take it personallyBuild the least to learn the mostDon't be afraid to take the windy pathProduct marketing and product management are two sides of the same coinAssume best intentDone listening? Great, do this next...Tell me how you heard about the podcast with a short 2-minute surveyThen, GO TO https://coffeewithproduct.com AND SUBSCRIBE for complete transcripts of every episode as well as even more curated product content that will help you get started and get ahead in your product career#productmanagement #breakintoproduct #pivottoproduct #productmanagementcareeradvice
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