17 minutes | Jul 3, 2020

#9: Hai Phong - A desirable living and investment location in Vietnam

Welcome to Coffee Time with AHK Vietnam episode 9. Today we would talk on one of the best investment locations in Vietnam – Hai Phong and how Hai Phong, the city in northern Vietnam is now changing its face to the desirable living and investment location in Vietnam. Hai Phong has got a lot to experience and on this episode, we will take about how this city changed over the time. From Vietnam, I am Trang Dao and with my today is my co-host Phuong Chi. Haiphong is the third largest city in Vietnam with 2 million inhabitants and has changed due to the city’s favorable geographic location and recent infrastructure developments. Haiphong has a strategic location to serve as an outport for northern Vietnam and southwestern China, with Hong Kong and Shenzhen in reach in less than 12h by truck. After more than 25 years supporting German companies in doing business and in investment in Vietnam, we developed an amazing network and interesting experiences in here. We have visited many provinces in Vietnam to find out more the investment potential. Coffee Time with the AHK Vietnam is our way to share those with you. Then you could get connected with hot tips, the interesting prospective and experts investment advises. www.vietnam.ahk.de
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