19 minutes | Aug 11, 2020

#11: Connecting Vietnam and the EU: The first charter flight from Frankfurt to Vietnam!

The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (AHK Vietnam), in collaboration with the German Business Association in Vietnam (GBA) and the German Embassy in Hanoi, have successfully organized a charter flight to bring totally 220 diplomats, investors, entrepreneurs, experts and relatives from 15 countries in the European Union to return to Vietnam on 30th of July. In the group of people on that special flight, some were families waiting to be re-united, others were professionals about to visit Vietnam for the first time and there were also some who had already been in Vietnam professionally for some years. I could imagine how complicated it is to be stuck in Europe for months because our work suffered from their physical day-to-day absence.In this episode, we have Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam with us, he led the AHK/GBA relocation task-force to manage all the challenges and difficulties to make this impossible missing to possible. Let's hear his own story of organizing the first special flight in our podcast this week!
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