40 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

The Ryan Ellis Interview

We're back with another show aimed at the production tech community; with the goal to shine a light on those in the shadows of this often-overlooked industry. Our guest for episode two is former Video Engineer at Passion City Church in the ATL, Ryan Ellis! Currently, an advocate for the local church and Senior Solutions Engineer at Resi, Ryan shares his experiences from the many roles he's occupied on his journey. As well as one that indirectly influenced his career in an unexpected way! Here’s some of what we cover: 00:04:07 • Chipolte and the Sacramento Kings? 00:06:23 • From taking apart remotes to working in the production world. 00:08:10 • What would you tell young Ryan Ellis? 00:09:51 • Arriving on the scene of a "mega-movement at Passion. 00:16:10 • Favorite moments while at Passion. 00:18:23 • Passion's COVID pivot. 00:22:57 • From ministry to the marketplace. 00:24:47 • Combatting "tech envy" in the church. 00:28:43 • What's next for broadcasting? 00:31:00 • The Instagram Live with Zach from Elevation. 00:34:23 • Ryan's heart. Thanks to Ryan for sharing his story and spending the time with us! Upgrade your scroll and follow him on Instagram @__ryan.ellis__. AirPods charged? Then let's go!
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