88 minutes | Nov 3, 2019

29: Is Critical Theory A Threat? with Neil Shenvi and Matt Warner

You may not have heard of Critical Theory by itself, but you have certainly heard the ideas influenced from it. Ideas like: intersectionality, whiteness, and privilege, among others. All of these ideas have their roots in something called Critical Theory. Today, we talk with Neil Shenvi and Matt Warner, who discuss whether Critical Theory is a threat or is something that can be edifying for Christians to employ.   Links Mentioned Resolution 9 Beyond Critique by Bradley Levinson Shenvi Apologetics Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory by Patricia Hill Collins Is Critical Theory a Threat to Evangelicalism? – A Dialogue with Bradly Mason, Part 1 Is Everyone Really Equal? by Özlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo Discipline and Punishment by Michel Foucault   Credits Theme music by: David Butler Produced by: David Butler Podcast design by: Jake Cannon Co-hosted by: Nick Francis Special thanks to: Neil Shenvi and Matt Warner Sponsored by: Switch Coffee, JM Films
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