14 minutes | Apr 26, 2019

4/26/19 Coffee and Cream Confidential Insider

TitleHi this is the Lamar J bringing you the Friday insider edition of the coffee and cream confidential podcast,AboutWant to know what happens behind the scenes to make Coffee and Cream Confidential, the group and community thrive... Here it is.More AboutThe Friday Insider Edition of the Coffee and Cream Confidential podcasts is where I share with you the developments of the week past and talk about what is to come.Join the Community Before It is Too LateIf you love what you are hearing and want to be part of the best alt lifestyle community going, go to Patreon.com/lamarj and become a patron.  You can join the community, get inside information, help with your love life and meet people just like you, starting at under $5 a month.   That's less than a Starbucks... you definitely can do that.  What Am I DoingSo first off what I am doing.This week has been about getting the Patreon up.  Used API to connect it to coffeeandcreamlifestyles.com,  Used Zapier to connect to Mailchimp. Been writing daily to make it a habit.  I have 5 episodes scripted ready to record, edit and post not including this one.  Plus I am figuring out how best to Mailchimp, Wordpress and Final Cut Pro/iMovie. In the case of mailchimp it is best used to distribute emails linking back to the podcasts, Wordpress is on hold until I can get a designer and I like the idea of turning podcasts into videos but the actual doing is not as easy as I thought.  And with 20 minute podcasts that makes for a lot visuals.  We will see on that.My special friend Alison and I are hitting the books, more on that in the the what I am reading section.  Alison is also outline a podcast series, focused on the poly aspects of alt lifestyles so that's thing that is coming.What Am I Not DoingTracking my food and exercise has not been a priority. It will be today.What Am I ReadingThe Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier. And Forbes and the last two issues of Phoenix Magazine.Why, Forbes to get that millionaire mindset. Attract abundance, all that.Why Phoenix, my group is Phoenix based so I look for Phoenix based activities.What Interesting Things Happened this WeekWe had 4 apply and 4 declined for our group this week.  I looked at the numbers and all time we have a 77.6% lifetime approval rate with it dropping to 54.5% over the last 28 days.  I think it is because the standards are so high.  I always wanted the group to about more that tits and asses and it is, with that standard comes selectivity.  Join NowThat's this Friday's  show, again if you want to join the best and fastest growing LS community out there, become a patron at patreon.com/lamarj and if you are a business owner and want to connect with people in the community head on over there is a special tier just for you.
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