12 minutes | Nov 29th 2019

How to win the voice search commerce in 2020?

Voice Search is on boom! Shopping, traveling, searching for restaurants, gaining knowledge..and just about everything, voice search is the key now! With the growing technological advancements, the online-e-fication of businesses are demanding newer ways in which information can be disseminated. In such times, voice has become the new king. In this episode of Coffee and Commerce, know all the right ways to set up your business and make it ready for the voice search commerce! We're compiled all the techniques, keys and cheat sheets combined together to serve a healthy digest of knowledge for you. Have a look at what we've covered for you- What is Voice Search? The Scope of Voice Search in 2020 How can you optimize your website for Voice Search Subscribe to our Podcast to get notified about our upcoming episodes that are geeky, informative and fun!
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