43 minutes | Sep 22, 2021

Season 3 Ep. 32 - Does Mom Fatigue Have You Down? w/ America's #1 Mom Coach - Hannah Keeley

Today we are going to be talking about “Mom Fatigue Syndrome.” It’s real. It’s pervasive. And it creeps into every facet of a mom’s life. MFS is caused by a condition known as learned helplessness-discovered in 1965 by Martin Seligman-which leads to overwhelm, depression, exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, and feeling like you're stuck in a big, fat Mom Fog. Why do moms experience learned helplessness? Because the mom-brain is different. Researchers have even found physical differences in brain scans of women before and after they had children. But moms continually use methods and techniques that do not work with the way their brains are wired. Instead of blaming the program, moms blame themselves, which perpetuates the cycle of Mom Fatigue Syndrome. They end up with no energy, no joy, and no motivation to make things better. If you are a mom, or you know of a mom who needs help, stay tuned to learn from our guest Hannah Keeley about the Mom Mastery Method which is an 8-step formula proven to help thousands of moms radically transform their lives.Coffee and Bible Time - Prayer Journal and Prayer BinderFaithful Counseling - Get 10% off your first month (Faithful Counseling is our sponsor)Suggestions from Hannah:momfog.combiblegateway.com
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