51 minutes | Feb 24, 2021

The Science of Hope: Solving Hope's PR Problem

Hope has an impact on both our mental and our physical health and in over 2,000 scientific research studies, hope has been identified as the key driver for success in school, in business and in life. Today we have the expert of hope, Lindsay Recknell who dives into the science and impact hope can have on you as an individual and beyond. Lindsay shares her own journey to losing hope and finding it again and the power of how creating space to hope has changed her trajectory. We walk through how she works with clients including: the self-awareness superpower, the dream catalyst, the bucket list builder, and wellness webinars. Her insight and ability to show how hope can truly change the way we interact is truly transformational. You will leave the hour inspired and ready to take action. BECAUSE WITHOUT ACTION, HOPE IS JUST A WISH
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