55 minutes | Jan 6, 2021

The Power of Creating Video for Your Business

By 2022, 82 percent of all internet traffic will be video. If you're not using video in your marketing right now, your business will be left behind. Many business owners see the power of creating consistent video content. They just don't know where to get started. Imagine having a guide to show you systems and processes for successful video creation. Well, now you have an answer! Cheryl Tan is our guest today and shares her expertise on how to get started with video. Cheryl has a diverse background in TV and radio and tells her story, professional tips, and insights on how to use video in your business. Cheryl hosts two shows - one on television, the other is a podcast. Both highlight business struggles and successes and offer viewers and listeners ways to grow their own companies. Today we explore how to get started and get ready to take notes! You. are in for a treat. Learn more about Cheryl at https://cheryltanmedia.com
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