48 minutes | Mar 31, 2021

The Next Generation of Women Innovators & Entrepreneurs

In honor of Women's History month, I thought would be wonderful to have a discussion with 5 incredible young ladies changing the landscape of innovation and technology. And better yet, 5 young ladies that I have the honor of working with through my nonprofit :) Today I have the privilege of speaking with the young ladies participating in the Dottie Rose Foundation & Moonshot Jr collaboration, Propelling Rising Innovators and Entrepreneurs: A Collaboration of Industry and Education. My organization, Dottie Rose Foundation, and Moonshot Jr. partnered to create a 7 month program for girls to create and bring to market a tech centered product. These young ladies have met twice a week with the Moonshot team for content and tech training along with the support of local tech mentors provided by Dottie Rose Foundation. The program includes 4 stages Explore, Preparation, Product Innovation, and e-Commerce. Each stage prepares the girls for the final product for launch. These young ladies are dedicated, articulate, intelligent, and are trail blazers. They are putting in the work and laying the foundation for the next group of young ladies to come behind and continue to change the conversation of women in technology. Get ready to be inspired! Learn more about our work at: https://dottierosefoundation.org We are always looking for sponsors, volunteers, and experts to speak and work with your girls. Learn more about Moonshot Jr at: https://moonshotjr.com
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