53 minutes | Jan 13, 2021

Tech Streamline to Scale and Stabilize

As we continue to rely on technology to increase efficiency, manage expenses, grow profitability and improve performance streamlining technology is more important than ever. Recent studies have shown that 29 percent of all small businesses view technology as helping them to improve outcomes significantly. Keeping up with the fast pace of technological change can be difficult for a business or individual already burdened with the many tasks required to keep his or her company afloat day in and day out. Join me, Dr. Jones, today we will chat and showcase the must haves to create sustainability, scalability and consistency with systems. We will review three main areas of importance: Cloud, Security, and Mobile Technology. Let's get our tech in order to ride the wave of 2021! Grab your free tech audit sheet at: https://thedotconsulting.co/technicalstrategy Book some a Technical Strategy session with me here: https://calendly.com/thedotconsulting
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