51 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Education Communication

While traditional methods of information exchange in schools used to work, the education market is ripe for a technological makeover. When the world-renowned education nonprofit, Khan Academy, needed an innovative way to engage millions of students, teachers, and parents in Latin America, Gupshup, the global messaging market leader, was tasked by Khan to develop a bot-based solution that could achieve the seemingly impossible. This week we have an incredible conversation with Gupshup CEO & Co-Founder, Beerud Sheth as we discuss this technology career path, how he has worked to create technology resources to truly change the way we interact and the power of continued learning. He talks honestly about failure, success, and how technology is a path forward. His company is working to change the way technology helps communication with parents, students, teachers and community. Listen to a great conversation with a true innovator in the computer science/technology.
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