56 minutes | Dec 23, 2020

Encore: Idea to App with No Code

Darren Alderman is a self taught techie, lover of coding web applications, and has mastered how to create with no code. That's right, he has created his career through taking the practices of understanding how to code with syntax and leveraged the no code concept to teach Do-It-Yourselfers how to make apps with 'No Code' tools like Thunkable. We discuss his journey into technology based on his love of math and how he applied his academic skills to teach himself to code and how he has found his niche in the area of no code. 'No Coding' is a relatively new term, but it basically means programming apps and websites with little to no code. This is the future, my friend! If you interested in learning more about the DIY of a 'No Coder' app and sharing with others what you know, then join us and the rest of the 'No Code' community. Let's turn your idea into an app. Because you can! Learn more about Darren: https://www.youtube.com/c/AppswithDarren/featured or https://amblemind.com/
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