51 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

Creating a Purpose Driven Business

Jackie Benjamin has spent her career in technology, driving conversations, innovation, and organizational change. Her ability to understand the technology and business acumen has driven her career. She has been able to experience and work with large corporations and small businesses. While she worked for a small business she saw how many hours the owner spent on tasks that could be done by someone else. Along the way, Jackie learned the model of what it looks like to be a purpose-driven company. She has also always had a passion for helping women but wasn’t sure how to marry that with being in business. And born was her purpose driven business of helping women grow their business by offloading administrative tasks. She works with clients to find what they need to get their time back to truly do what their passion is in their business. Jackie and I also dive into how her first job has ultimately been a guiding point in her career, taking skills learned and transferring to any situation. Jackie brings real world application, thought, and grit. She has followed her passion by applying her technical knowledge to help others. You will enjoy this conversation! See more about Jackie's business WeAssist: https://www.weassistbusiness.com/ Learn more about the dot. Consulting: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-sharon-torrence-jones-a9b264a6/
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