58 minutes | Feb 10, 2021

Being a Student of Your Craft

This is Aman, CEO and Founder of SANPRAM. Aman has worked in the tech industry in a variety of roles and has found his passion in the intersection of teaching and technical content. SANPRAM is for the modern business leader to gain a solid understanding of digital technology is now as important as the basics of accounting and finance. Aman has built SANPRAM to be the world’s leading education company for technical fluency. In our episode today we dive in to our passion of education and being a continual learner. Aman chats about the impact of following your passion as a guide to learning in technology. He and I both share the thought that you must identify your strengths first, then continue to grow and develop. Aman's background as an engineer has given him insight into the technical needs and his excitement to work with others elevates his ability to teach. Join us today as we discuss the power of being a student of your craft with continued learning both formal and informal methods.
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