53 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

A Pioneer in the Computer Revolution: Dr. Susana Stoica

Today's episode actually needs no description as my guest is a walking pioneer in the field of computer science. Dr. Susana Stoica is a treasure and walking history on the innovation and development of the computer. Susana graduated as the first promotion of Computer Engineers in her country of origin, Romania. As an engineer with a Ph.D. in building computers with circuits modeling the workings of the brain, Susana Stoica was part of the computer revolution, the integrated circuit revolution, and defined the electronics test strategy for one of the major automotive firms in the USA. Susana shares her stories, insights and walks us through the revolution of computers. And Dr. Stoica also dives into how she has used her technical and engineering skills as she has moved into the healing space and how being a healer and engineer go hand in hand. An incredible hour with this amazing pioneer of technology and a trailblazer for women. Learn more about Dr. Stoica here: https://healingbraininjury.com
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