53 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

Episode 6: Digital Archive & Materiality

Eric Ensley and Matthew Kirschenbaum talk about the archive, both digital and material. Eric Ensley is a curator of rare books and maps at the University of Iowa. He received his PhD in English from Yale University in 2021 and holds an MLS from the University of North Carolina. Among his current projects is a digital edition of a Piers Plowman manuscript held in the Beinecke library, which he is co-authoring with Ian Cornelius of Loyola-Chicago. Matthew Kirschenbaum is a professor of English and Digital Studies at the University of Maryland. He is the author of Mechanisms: New Media and the Forensic Imagination and Track Changes: A Literary History of Word Processing. His next book, Bitstreams: The Future of Digital Literary Heritage, will be published in the fall by the University of Pennsylvania Press. Music credits: Intro / outro: TeknoAXE, "Chiptune Nobility" (CC BY 4.0), interlude: Random Mind, "The Old Tower Inn" (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TMBF4zq4LQ). Transcript and more information at https://podcast.digitalmedievalist.org/episode-6-digital-archive-and-materiality. Recorded 26 March 2021. Edited by James Harr and Aylin Malcolm.
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