26 minutes | Apr 2, 2021

Episode 4: Marco Polo and the Art of Editing

Elisa Cugliana speaks about her digital scholarly edition of Marco Polo's travelogue that she is working on for her joint PhD degree at the universities of Venice and Cologne. Topics of discussion include the tradition of Italian philology and textual criticism, the transmission history of Marco Polo's travel report which originated at the end of the 13th century, and how scholarly editorial principles intersect with the technological possibilities of the digital. Music credits: Intro/outro music by TeknoAXE, “Chiptune Nobility” (CC BY 4.0), interludes by Random Mind, “Exploration,” (CC0), TeknoAXE, “Lowly Tavern Bard – Fall is Upon Us Again,” (CC BY 4.0), Random Mind, “King's Feast,” (CC0), sawsquarenoise, “RottenMage SpaceJacked OST JINGLE 01,” (CC BY 4.0), Random Mind, “The Old Tower Inn” (CC0). Transcript and more information at https://podcast.digitalmedievalist.org/. Recorded 8 April 2020. Edited by Tessa Gengnagel.
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