28 minutes | Mar 2nd 2020

Planning and Organizing Your Garden & Blackberry Herb Cocktails

Spring planting season is right around the corner...have you planned your plants yet? If you're a novice gardener or just looking to get more bang for your gardening buck, we've got you covered this week. We are chatting with gardening expert and kitchen garden planner Annie Chubbuck of Seed Babies. Every summer, Annie helps clients plan and maintain their kitchen gardens. She's giving us planning tips like what to plant where, what to plant next to what, and how much time should you plan to maintain your garden. And she's brought along a delicious Blackberry Herb Cocktail she featured at one of her gardening workshops.

To connect with Annie, get her cocktail recipe, and check out past episodes, visit the show notes at podcast.cocktailsandcontainers.com. Just search for the episode "Planning and Organizing Your Garden."

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